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Sony LogoSony Xperia USB Drivers allows you to connect your Xperia Smartphone to the computer without the need of any PC Suite Software. Although Sony Officially Provides PC Suite Software which supports all Xperia Smartphones but here we manage to share the drivers separately.

The drivers shared on this page might be useful for those who dont believe in installing Sony PC Suite on their computer. In case you are one of them then use the below links to download USB drivers for your Xperia Smartphone.

Download Sony Xperia USB Drivers for All Models

No.Model NumberDrivers
1Sony Tablet PDownload
2Sony Tablet P 3GDownload
3Sony Tablet SDownload
4Sony Tablet S 3GDownload
5Sony Xperia ADownload
6Sony Xperia A2Download
7Sony Xperia A4 (SO-04G)Download
8Sony Xperia AcroDownload
9Sony Xperia Acro HDDownload
10Sony Xperia Acro SDownload
11Sony Xperia ArcDownload
12Sony Xperia Arc SDownload
13Sony Xperia AXDownload
14Sony Xperia CDownload
15Sony Xperia C3Download
16Sony Xperia C3 DualDownload
17Sony Xperia C4Download
18Sony Xperia C4 DualDownload
19Sony Xperia EDownload
20Sony Xperia E DualDownload
21Sony Xperia E1Download
22Sony Xperia E1 DualDownload
23Sony Xperia E3Download
24Sony Xperia E3 DualDownload
25Sony Xperia E4Download
26Sony Xperia E4 DualDownload
27Sony Xperia E4gDownload
28Sony Xperia E4g DualDownload
29Sony Xperia GoDownload
30Sony Xperia GXDownload
31Sony Xperia IonDownload
32Sony Xperia Ion LTEDownload
33Sony Xperia JDownload
34Sony Xperia J1 Compact (D5788)Download
35Sony Xperia LDownload
36Sony Xperia MDownload
37Sony Xperia M2Download
38Sony Xperia M2 DualDownload
39Sony Xperia M2 AquaDownload
40Sony Xperia M4 AquaDownload
41Sony Xperia M4 Aqua DualDownload
42Sony Xperia MiroDownload
43Sony Xperia NeoDownload
44Sony Xperia Neo LDownload
45Sony Xperia NXDownload
46Sony Xperia PDownload
47Sony Xperia ProDownload
48Sony Xperia PlayDownload
49Sony Xperia RayDownload
50Sony Xperia SDownload
51Sony Xperia SLDownload
52Sony Xperia SolaDownload
53Sony Xperia SPDownload
54Sony Xperia SXDownload
55Sony Xperia TDownload
56Sony Xperia T LTEDownload
57Sony Xperia T2 UltraDownload
58Sony Xperia T2 Ultra DualDownload
59Sony Xperia T3Download
60Sony Xperia TipoDownload
61Sony Xperia Tipo DualDownload
62Sony Xperia TXDownload
63Sony Xperia UDownload
64Sony Xperia ULDownload
65Sony Xperia VDownload
66Sony Xperia VLDownload
67Sony Xperia X8Download
68Sony Xperia X10Download
69Sony Xperia X10 MiniDownload
70Sony Xperia X10 Mini ProDownload
71Sony Xperia ZDownload
72Sony Xperia Z UltraDownload
73Sony Xperia Z1Download
74Sony Xperia Z1 CompactDownload
75Sony Xperia Z1fDownload
76Sony Xperia Z1sDownload
77Sony Xperia Z2Download
78Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet LTEDownload
79Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet Wi-FiDownload
80Sony Xperia Z2aDownload
81Sony Xperia Z3Download
82Sony Xperia Z3 CompactDownload
83Sony Xperia Z3 DualDownload
84Sony Xperia Z3+ (E6553)Download
85Sony Xperia Z3+ Dual (E6533)Download
86Sony Xperia Z3vDownload
87Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet CompactDownload
88Sony Xperia Z4 (SO-03G, SOV31, 402SO)Download
89Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet WiFi (SGP712)Download
90Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet LTE (SGP771)Download
91Sony Xperia Z4vDownload
92Sony Xperia ZLDownload
93Sony Xperia ZL2Download
94Sony Xperia ZRDownload
95Sony Xperia Tablet SDownload
96Sony Xperia Tablet S 3GDownload
97Sony Xperia Tablet Z LTEDownload
98Sony Xperia Tablet Z Wi-FiDownload

Keep in Mind:

[*] Driver Didnt worked? If in case the above drivers didnt worked for your device then the last and the best option is Sony PC Companion (official PC suite by Sony) which supports almost every Sony Xperia Device.

[*] With the help of above drivers you can easily connect your Sony Xperia smartphone to the Windows computer.

[*] The above drivers are officially provided by Sony itself. In case the above drivers did not work for you then you can complain to Sony Officially.

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