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These are the instructions to root Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 GT-S7582 using vRoot Application on Windows Computer.

Requirements: Your Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 GT-S7582 Smartphone should have atleast 20-30 percent of battery to perform the rooting process.

Root Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 GT-S7582

Step 1. Download and Install Samsung USB Driver on your computer. If Samsung USB Driver is already installed on your computer then Skip this Step

USB Logo

Step 2: Enable USB Debugging on your Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 GT-S7582 Smartphone. To enable USB Debugging: Open Settings > Developers Option > USB Debugging > Tick to enable.

(Developers Option is hidden for Android 4.2.2 or above, to show this option Go to Settings > About Phone > Built Number (Tap on it for 5-8 times).

USB Debugging Samsung S Duos 2

Step 3: Download and install vRoot application on your Windows Computer.

Step 4: Once vRoot Application is installed on your Computer, Open It.

RootMaster Setup

Step 5: Once vRoot Application is launched, connect your Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 GT-S7582 Smartphone to the computer.

vRoot Launched

Step 6: Once Your Smartphone is connected successfully to the computer, vRoot Application will automatically detect your Smartphone.

Galaxy S Duos S7582 Added to vRoot

Step 7: Now, Click on the “Root” button to begin the rooting process.

Start Galaxy S Duos S7582 Root on vRoot

Step 8: Now, vRoot Application will automatically “Reboot” your Smartphone and install the SuperSU Application.

GT-S7582 Rooted with-vRoot

Step 9: Now your Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 GT-S7582 is Rooted. To check whether your phone is rooted correctly, open Applications Menu, there you will be able to see a new app installed, called SuperSU. If this app exist then it means you have successfully rooted your device.


Optional: You can also verify that your device is successfully rooted or not by Root Checker Application.

Points to remember:

[*] No data loss process: Your Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 GT-S7582 Phone Data like contacts, pictures, videos, music and etc will be not affected with this method.

[*] Warranty Void: Your Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 GT-S7582 Warranty may be Void after following the above tutorial.

[*] Alternative Method: If you want another method to root Galaxy S Duos 2 then see Root Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 GT-S7582 using Pre-Rooted firmware.

[*] If you flash the Stock Rom on Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 GT-S7582 anytime then you can get back the Phone Warranty.

[*] Credits: vRoot Application was created by Shenzhen (Developer).

For any help, Please Email at or use the contact form.
  1. Wil Nate says:

    Can you please elaborate on how to flash the stock rom after rooting?

      1. Wil Nate says:

        Thank you for the quick reply. I was about to ask if flashing a stock ROM would result in data loss but the link you gave already answered it. However, are apps also affected by this?

        Can you please a recommend backup procedure/guide/app that would make it easy to recover the apps and personal data? Thank you again.

        1. XDA Team says:

          @Wil Nate, Everything will be affected when you flash the Stock ROM. Yes there are lots of awesome apps on the Play Store to take backup of apps and the data of it, like “App Backup & Restore” and Helium. Or Search “Backup” in Play Store you will plenty of Apps.

          1. Wil Nate says:

            Ah, thank you.

  2. Charan says:

    Please, also post article regarding flashing custom recovery for S duos 2(GT-7582) and share any forum dedicated to customroms for this model

  3. Medo says:

    I have heared a lot from expert people that VROOT program is a malware
    Is that true
    What do you say about this…!!!

    Thank you

    1. XDA Team says:

      @Medo, there are lots of people keep saying about vRoot. We have tried it on our phone, after rooting we have downloaded SuperSU (chainfire) from Playstore. Chainfire SuperSU, automatically deleted the vRoot SuperSU. So, we didnt get any issue.

  4. Jatin Babu says:

    Can The Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 Firmware Be Uploaded To The Samsung Galaxy S Duos

    1. XDA Team says:

      @Jatin Babu, No you cannot use other model number Rom on your device.

  5. rohan says:

    Pls tell me how to unroot samsung galaxy s duos 2 gt s7585

    1. XDA Team says:

      @Rohan, Open Play Store > Download SuperSU > In SuperSU > Settings > Full Unroot.

  6. malak says:

    how to unroot Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 GT-S7582?

    1. XDA Team says:

      @Malak, To unroot, Open SuperSU > Settings > Full Unroot.

  7. rohan says:

    Sir the way you told me to unroot the phone ,it simply removes su binary files it doesnt unroot the phone pls tell me an alternative to completely unroot my phone and regain its warrenty..Thanks

  8. krish says:

    How to hide developer option in Samsung GT-S7582

    1. XDA Team says:

      @To Disable Developer Option, Open Settings > Apps > All > Select Settings > Clear Cache Data.

  9. sam says:

    why is my phone cant detect by your vroot. ? always say fail and retry?

  10. sam says:

    why it says no root permission?

  11. Jitendra says:

    Vroot says no root mode……and Not Supported . when i connect my s7582

  12. Jitendra says:

    Hello Sir, vroom says failed and try again. Please help me. My device is Samsung galaxy s duos 2 GT S7582…. Country – India.

  13. balaji says:

    my phone (s7582) not shown developer option, what can i do

    1. XDA Team says:

      @Balaji, Devices having Android 4.2.2 or above does not show developer option by Default. To Show Developer Options, Open Settings > About Phone > Fast Tap on Built Number (tap atleast 5-8 times). It will enable the Developer option on your device.

  14. vasanth says:

    I got encryption error while i rooted my samsung galaxy gt-7852. What i do?

    1. XDA Team says:

      @Vasanth, If possible please send the screenshot at

      1. Sakib says:

        what’s your problem? why you don’t solve our problem?

  15. John says:

    I was not able to root My GT-S7582. i tried twice.

  16. kimi says:

    is this root method safe?


  17. vin says:

    hello how to install cmw recovery in 7582 indian

  18. CaloyR says:

    It says “no root permission”…. help pls….

  19. Sakib says:

    Hlw admin when press the root button from v root then I agree the google play condition. then there seem a screen where i found a password box and two option dont restore and restore my data. when i press any one then it show that retry in my PC screen.

    what is the problem . Plz tell me the solution , I want to root my S duos 2

  20. ravi says:

    pls help my divice connect and i on root button bus not congrats msg
    but error and say restor my data and un restor my data and i choice one or two option and root rety pls help

  21. Prem Mehra says:

    I have Samsung GT 7582 which is not connecting with my PC – window xp SP2.
    Plz guide me – what should i do

  22. hardik says:

    I have problem during rooting my 7582… prob is my mobile asking me deta restore or no…. n mbl was hanged… plz help

  23. hariom says:

    please help (restore my data) problem….. not rooted my samsung galaxy s duos 2

  24. vali says:

    is this affect company warranty
    I bought Samsung s duos 2 few days ago….

  25. Justine says:

    I cant download the Vroot. it says unkown network error

  26. aurelio pombo says:

    in vroot software it says “??? Gt s7582 (trend duos2)”
    after clicking root
    it will get error
    help to fix it

  27. Justine says:

    It says restore starting, then restore ended. Then it will retry and retry

  28. Manick says:

    Hello Sir, vroot says failed and try again so many time. Please help me.! I have to root my phone. My device is Samsung galaxy s duos 2 GT S7582… Country – India.

  29. Vikash Kumar Mahto says:

    unable to connect my phone ….
    Reply me …

  30. ronel says:

    does vroot requires internet connection to be able to root the phone?

  31. soumya says:

    .apk applications is not installing from my memorycard…. plzz hlp

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